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"We, the ancestors of tomorrow, choose today to create the New Earth, through our actions, words and intentions"

- Gee Francois

It is our vision to create a platform where Heart Focused Facilitators and Creatives may offer their gifts, talents and teachings at accessible prices.

To become one of the many emerging spaces for a growing soul tribe to gather and strengthen.

To mobilise the 144,000, The Starseeds, The Light Holders and their Allies, at a time when it is so needed.

To create a network that connects into the grid of light, to amplify our collective intentions and prayers.

To offer support, community, guidance, healings, teachings, unravellings and deep dives to seekers and teachers alike.

To soften into love and to anchor in that love consciousness into this time space, in service to all that is and to Planetary Ascension.

And so it is.

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