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"This was one of the most nurturing, caring and expansive experiences I've had sitting with mushrooms. Gee's ability to hold space for everyone throughout the ceremony was impressive and inspiring. Gee is also a talented musician and it was a pleasure to listen to all of their various instruments and their beautiful singing, which helped to guide the direction of the experience. Without hesitation I would recommend putting your trust in Gee to facilitate any ceremony you may be interested in.

Peace and Love! " -Wes


"I had a beautiful experience sitting in ceremony with Gee. The location is nature filled, still super comfortable and relaxed. Gee, themself, is so freaking full of love and healing energy that I was at peace the moment I met them and I knew I was held through the whole thing. If you’re looking for a really safe but still freeing space to sit in ceremony, Gee is it." - Abigail

"The One-to-One Energy Session has been a life changer. The whole experience has been bringing new insights into so many levels of my journey and as a part of the whole life experience in many timelines. Gee is a pure channel of universal Wisdom, Peace and Love. It's more than can be put into words.'" - Barbara Wagna


"I met Gee Francois through social media, and eventually scheduled a distance session. I'm grateful for the experience. She displayed an intuitive ability to listen and work with my present desires. The focus was in the present. She acknowledged and praised my path toward appreciation, love, and compassion. The best part for me was her natural and captivating singing and drumming. She tied it into my breathing, awareness, and intentions. I felt refreshed and revitalized after the session. I still take her lessons to heart today. I definitely recommend her as she's a beautiful soul." -Marvin Olivares

"It was my first time ever having a psychic reading because I’ll be honest, I have my skepticisms but after meeting Gee for the first and only time at her Mushroom ceremony, I just felt something about her…an inner-knowing, a wise and old soul. When I was faced with so many difficulties and uncertainty in my life.. I was in need of some guidance and naturally Gee came to mind so I reached out to her for this service. She walked me through the different “timelines” she saw in my life and I enjoyed that it was an intimate conversation between us rather than her just sharing her visions. In has only been 2 months time since I had this reading but so much of what she shared with me is now my reality! Having a glimpse of the possibilities she saw for me gave me a restored sense of hope and has helped me out of a sad and heavy place I was in. I’m grateful to Gee and her sharing her special gifts with me and the world." - Sandy

"Gee is an incredibly intuitive and gentle healer. Even her soft voice puts me at ease. The first encounter I had with her was at a Mushroom Ceremony she hosted. I was nervous about being nauseous and not having much experience with it. She guided me over the phone prior to the event and made me feel calm. Her space is an oasis tucked away in Huayapam surrounded by bougonbillias and bamboo. The incense burning, tranquil music playing, and nighttime fire circle made for an inviting, cozy atmosphere. She just knows how to make you feel comfortable and lightly guided a group of about 8 of us that day playing music and just simply being in her presence was the kind of nurturing energy I needed for this journey. The dosage was gentle for me and not overwhelming but she did mention if any of us wanted more, that is something she can offer. It was great to enjoy the nature and her 3 sweet, loving dogs. We ended the evening with music by the fireplace and a delicious home-cooked meal by her. I highly recommend this experience whether you are new to this like me or experienced with psychedelics because of the warm energy Gee is about to provide." - Sandy


"The group ceremony I did with Gee was the most powerful I've done so far. They bring a unique personal essence and hold space in a really special way. So, while surrounded by nature and the intense energy of Oaxaca, I felt safe enough to have the big experience I needed to have. I am grateful that Gee is offering what they are clearly meant to offer in this world. This is definitely what they're meant to be doing. I can't recommend it highly enough, whether this is your first experience or you're a 'frequent flyer' who wants to go deeper." - Betsy

"Gee had an incredible effect on me. From the first moment i felt arrived and seen. She creates a place where you are completely with yourself. The atmosphere is so full of openness and love that you feel home. 
Since I was with her, I feel a soothing calm in me. I trust in myself and the universe. 
Gee has released a blockage with her wonderful techniques and released new energies - feels like she connected myself to my soul again. 
She'a such a genius and sensitive mind. 
Thank you for leading me through this profound  experience." - Lisa Goedelmann

" Gee provides a beautiful space for coming together, exploring, healing. Gee is a genuine healer, artist, and musician. Gee works in concert with others , including non-humans. They have welcomed me, made me feel safe, and let me explore. They choreographed an immersive, integrated performance of Music , body work and natural medicine. It was blissful and painful – just what was needed at the beginning of a precious journey. Thank you, Gee. I hope we meet again. - Mahadev

"Going into the ceremony I was nervous to sit with mushrooms with people I didn’t know but from the minute I stepped into Gee’s space I automatically felt calm & knew this was a space I could be myself and trust that whatever came up was held with love & welcomed.​

The journey itself was AMAZING. It was like Gee could feel when I needed some guidance & when I needed to be left alone. At no point did I feel unsafe which was super important for me when choosing who to on journey with & as a result I let go of a lot! ​

The space in which Gee holds the ceremony is incredibly beautiful & the food at the end is such a nice touch and much, much needed as I felt like I could eat for days. Gee even let me take some home with me which is always a win! ;) The musical instruments used were beautiful & really helped guide the journey & Gee’s voice is both stunning & powerful. ​

Overall, the ceremony was an experience I will never forget. Gee is a beautiful human with such a special gift and it is very clear that Gee has found their calling in life! I feel so grateful to have met Gee & shared this experience with them & have even been in touch about joining another ceremony soon! ​

Obviously everyone’s needs are different but if you are being called to sit with this plant medicine and have come across Gee, then it is not a coincidence. Trust your intuition.

Peace & love always" - Alex

" I had the beautiful experience of going to one of Gee’s mushroom ceremonies. 

She and Saule, her co-facilitator held such a love filled space!

I felt held, nurtured and cared for. The mushrooms they used felt like they went right to my heart to support me to heal! 

They were there for me when emotions showed up and they held physically me when I needed it. And gave me space when I needed it also. It is a very safe space. 

I chose Gee to work with as I loved her grounded heart energy and once I met her I knew I’d chosen the right person to work with!

The music and singing was just glorious and heartfelt! I highly recommend working with her! ❤️" - Heather

"First of all, I think you are a unique essence in this world, which brings you to an exceptional level from first sight.

Second, as a guide in the spiritual journey, what fascinates me is the honesty and the calmness you bring into it. There are no fairy stories or magical lands in those journeys together, but lots of traditional medicine and knowledge of human bodies and minds. I find myself rejuvenated and full of love after those special meetings. Thank you for all your work and dedication."


“During attending Gee's Ascension Medicine ceremonial workshops, I was in shock at her level of ability and skill to guide us into inner-standing and doing our work. She is nurturing whilst shifting through rigid deep wounds. I absolutely loved every session and was able to share things I'd never ever told anyone before. I allowed myself to cry in front of many and felt safe to do so. She also checked in with me following as I'd uprooted so much which was so nurturing. I have recommended her to so many people because she really is a blessing. Gratitude for you as a being as well as a facilitator.” 


“I’m so grateful to have been invited to share space with such powerful sisters, an evening Gee had especially created for us to be immersed in safety and freedom, to fully let go, release and take in the vibrations of the instruments of our voices and sound. Such a powerful and pleasurable experience. A lot of sharing and deep connection. I look forward to this again in the future. Thank you ”


"I attended week 3 of Gee's course, Journey to the Heart. It was a 2 hour session on sounding. Gee created an atmosphere of dedicated and inspired presence. I felt safe to be creative and raw, to allow myself to wail, to sound the feeling of being winded and let down, to give my ancestors time to flow their wisdom and their unresolved pain through me through sound. I released tension, making strange and unexpected sounds, laughing at myself. I was able to be present with resistance, sometimes fighting it, making more abrupt sounds, and sometimes just letting it be, everything allowed and welcomed. Words that come to mind when I think back to my sounding session with Gee are "gentle, soothing, playful, fun". I'd highly recommend."


“....just WOW! Something huge has opened in me through attending an activation with Gee. I had never heard of this kind of thing before but was open to the idea but now I do really believe we can unlock some wisdom inside of us. This is just the beginning of a journey for me."


"I partook in Gees activation and sound workshop at Medicine Festival 2021 and was struck by how effortlessly she could make a group feel at ease and gain confidence exploring their voice and language in a public forum. Some people can find being vocal in public difficult yet Gee's infectious smile and manner soon had all the group expressing themselves fully. I heartily recommend her work and look forward to being able to join other groups she facilitates in the future. Peter Thornett (Practitioner of Japanese Natural Medicine)"


“I have attended many online courses and there is something special in the way Gee holds space. Something alchemical takes place in their ceremonies and I feel lucky to have experienced this. Thank you”​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

" I met Gee via the cosmic force that I feel we believe is of Peace, Love, Light and Harmony and of Grand Risings.

Gee is a power house of magical beauty and a deep space holder.

I have connected with Gee through sound, her sounds light up my soul.

The call to show up through more expression of my own sounds has been super strong.... Haha, Often Gee gets random voice notes from me on Telegram whilst I am underwater chanting and expressing my being and all the being's.... I have been.

I find myself in awe of Gee's medicine through music, sounds, laughter, light codes.... really I am deeply grateful.

My voice has opened up , my truth is coming out, I feel stronger and aligned with faith & knowledge of divine light working.

I have engaged in a 6 week Ascension Medicine Container and also recently the 2/2/22 Activation Ceremony. Wow.

Both of these have impacted a huge dynamic shift within myself.

I am very excited to have Gee continue to guide me through my soul journey, as a being here. So that I may help all being's


With Unconditional Love and again Deep Gratitude," - Anna Greywolf

“I have completed 5 one to one Alchemical Energy Healing sessions with Gee. Each one built from the last. I completed the whole intensive course in around two months. Gee is able to tap into the Quantum field and work inter dimensionally in a safe and effective way. We are now half way through the integration process; which for me feels as important as the sessions themselves and is testament to the level of care and attentiveness that Gee operates with.”

"Gee held a beautiful 6 week container for our group to gather online, everything always felt so genuine, enormously heart felt and incredibly sacred and safe. Communication before and between sessions was consistent and clear, enabling me to feel guided and supported which is so important for me. Gee is a natural space holder/facilitator and I would fully recommend joining any sessions Gee shares."


"I sat with Gee in ceremony and they are an incredible facilitator. The sounds and environment were especially lovely. It was my first time sitting with mushrooms in a group and Gee helped me feel at ease and I was able to move through everything that came through for me with strength and power in my centre. Thank you so much for this offering Gee" - Shasta

"During a recent trip to Oaxaca, I came across Gee’s flyer indicating their services. Curious about Gee’s offerings, I reached out to book an appointment, and I’m so glad that I did. Spending time with Gee was the highlight of my trip to Oaxaca. Gee is a visionary. Their intuition led me and my partner through an energy clearing and alignment session that was mind, eye and heart opening. Gee’s light, words, and touch resonated in ways that I am still beautifully processing 4-5 months later. 

I’m looking forward to future trips to connect with Gee." - Lauren

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