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Plant Medicine Ceremonies


I am currently offering in person plant medicine ceremonies for groups or individuals.

We work with medicinal mushrooms containing psilocybin as well as cocao, hape´ and tobacco.

 The space is held in a Sacred, Safe, Relaxed, Ceremonial way. All parts of you are welcome here!!!

  • If you need to cry, to be held, you will be held  

  • If you need to be alone and take space, that is here for you

  • If you feel playful and fun, there is space for that.

  • If you are working through trauma and focused on healing, I will assist you hands on or hands off depending on your preference or just hold space for your process.

  • If you want to dance, sing, or play one of the many instruments, the space is safe for that expression

  • You can journal, drawn, sit by the fire, walk in nature or just enjoy the sound healing experience.

The space is located in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Oaxaca is the closest airport, but there are buses from other nearby airports also.

The space is in a Natural Park, surrounded by nature, yet it is easily accessible from the city centre by bus, taxi or mototaxi. 

We have facilitated beautiful mushroom journeys in this space for many beings who have either flown out especially to visit, live in Oaxaca or are passing through. 

The Medicine is locally sourced from this region and Sacredly Handled.

I draw upon my experience to hold these spaces safely and effectively.

If you feel the call to come and work with me, contact us

Here are some recent testimonials from these Mushroom Ceremonies, more testimonials about my work and facilitation can be found here:

The next Ceremony takes place March 12th 2023 at 2pm. Book Here


"Gee is an incredibly intuitive and gentle healer. Even her soft voice puts me at ease. The first encounter I had with her was at a Mushroom Ceremony she hosted. I was nervous about being nauseous and not having much experience with it. She guided me over the phone prior to the event and made me feel calm. Her space is an oasis tucked away in Huayapam surrounded by bougonbillias and bamboo. The incense burning, tranquil music playing, and nighttime fire circle made for an inviting, cozy atmosphere. She just knows how to make you feel comfortable and lightly guided a group of about 8 of us that day playing music and just simply being in her presence was the kind of nurturing energy I needed for this journey. The dosage was gentle for me and not overwhelming but she did mention if any of us wanted more, that is something she can offer. It was great to enjoy the nature and her 3 sweet, loving dogs. We ended the evening with music by the fireplace and a delicious home-cooked meal by her. I highly recommend this experience whether you are new to this like me or experienced with psychedelics because of the warm energy Gee is about to provide." - Sandy

"This was one of the most nurturing, caring and expansive experiences I've had sitting with mushrooms. Gee's ability to hold space for everyone throughout the ceremony was impressive and inspiring. Gee is also a talented musician and it was a pleasure to listen to all of their various instruments and their beautiful singing, which helped to guide the direction of the experience. Without hesitation I would put recommend putting your trust in Gee to facilitate any ceremony you may be interested in.

Peace and Love!" - Wes

"Gee had an incredible effect on me. From the first moment i felt arrived and seen. She creates a place where you are completely with yourself. The atmosphere is so full of openness and love that you feel home. 
Since I was with her, I feel a soothing calm in me. I trust in myself and the universe. 
Gee has released a blockage with her wonderful techniques and released new energies - feels like she connected myself to my soul again. 
She'a such a genius and sensitive mind. 
Thank you for leading me through this profound  experience." - Lisa Goedelmann

" Gee provides a beautiful space for coming together, exploring, healing. Gee is a genuine healer, artist, and musician. Gee works in concert with others , including non-humans. They have welcomed me, made me feel safe, and let me explore. They choreographed an immersive, integrated performance of Music , body work and natural medicine. It was blissful and painful – just what was needed at the beginning of a precious journey. Thank you, Gee. I hope we meet again. - Mahadev

"The group ceremony I did with Gee was the most powerful I've done so far. They bring a unique personal essence and hold space in a really special way. So, while surrounded by nature and the intense energy of Oaxaca, I felt safe enough to have the big experience I needed to have. I am grateful that Gee is offering what they are clearly meant to offer in this world. This is definitely what they're meant to be doing. I can't recommend it highly enough, whether this is your first experience or you're a 'frequent flyer' who wants to go deeper." - Betsy

"I had a beautiful experience sitting in ceremony with Gee. The location is nature filled, still super comfortable and relaxed. Gee, themself, is so freaking full of love and healing energy that I was at peace the moment I met them and I knew I was held through the whole thing. If you’re looking for a really safe but still freeing space to sit in ceremony, Gee is it." - Abigail

" I had the beautiful experience of going to one of Gee’s mushroom ceremonies. 

She and Saule, her co-facilitator held such a love filled space!

I felt held, nurtured and cared for. The mushrooms they used felt like they went right to my heart to support me to heal! 

They were there for me when emotions showed up and they held physically me when I needed it. And gave me space when I needed it also. It is a very safe space. 

I chose Gee to work with as I loved her grounded heart energy and once I met her I knew I’d chosen the right person to work with!

The music and singing was just glorious and heartfelt! I highly recommend working with her! ❤️" - Heather

" Even the purple taxi couldn’t get all the way up the track, Calle las Palmas, in the dry hills of San Agustin Yatareni above Oaxaca, where the mushroom ceremony was to take place. Through a metal gate secured with an unlocked padlock, access to the ceremony space at the back of the house was through a large, solid metal door . Gee, our guide for the journey, welcomed us warmly, and led us up the garden path to a terrace with bamboo roof with five mattresses, pillows and blankets already prepared. There was an “altar“ with feathers and crystals, and we were invited to add anything to the altar.

Abigail from the United States and just about everywhere else too, placed her iPhone next to the feathers. I put my three beaded bracelets which Wendy gave me next to the crystals.
Gee asked us to introduce ourselves briefly, indicating if we’d had previous experience of mushrooms, whether we were comfortable with touch, and what our intention for the ceremony was. I had had only a couple of previous recreational small doses at Nine Ladies stone circle at Stanton-in-the-Peak near Bakewell, but my intent was to experience a full dose, with some nervousness, as a spiritual trip with the expectation (expectations are frowned upon by the way) of dissolving, the sense of a separate “me“.
After inviting the spirits to bless us with only positive experiences, Gee gave us jam jars half full of lemon juice with what looked like pale button mushrooms floating about in it. I had to use my fingers to scoop them out of the juice but it all went down smoothly enough.
“It usually takes 10 to 20 minutes to take effect so make yourselves comfortable“. There was suitable music in the background and faithful companion Coco, Gee’s highly sensitive dog, helped to hold the space.

There were five of us on our mattresses. Three of the others were regular mushroom trippers and this made me feel safer in experienced company. Several friends beforehand encouraged me to surrender and not try and control or explain the experience. Because I felt safe and well guided I felt open to epiphanies. My two previous mini experiences had only a mild effect with swaying night sky stars, but this time the wooziness was more intense, although I never became detached from my thoughts about what I was experiencing. I was not holding on or trying to control or direct just to reflect on how I was feeling. After half an hour or so I looked at the bamboo ceiling and it seemed to sway as though floating on waves. Apart from feeling what I can only describe as semi drunk and woozy, I had no hallucinatory or psychedelic visions.

It was certainly all benign although Abigail, from the United States was prone to whooping and hollering and laughing out loud, which I thought was a bit theatrical. No judgement there then. Gee kept the space very sensitively and circled around the five mattresses beating a drum, shaking rattles and, towards the end, playing a didgeridoo into my solar plexus. Or was it heart space? Totally pleasant and a genuine feeling of being cared for, especially when she wrapped me in her arms. I can’t say that my intention of losing the sense of a separate self was realised as such but there was a very clear and obvious dawning that the seeing was not my separate seeing, the knowing was not my separate knowing, but rather the seeing and knowing was that of one benign Consciousness which, in my book ‘Mistaken Identity’, I refer to as The Ground of Being. The trick of the ego is to lay claim to the knowing as its own like a cuckoo in the nest. 

After a couple of hours, I guess, which seemed timeless, an angel appeared and played a harp in the garden next to the fire. No really – a young, attractive blonde woman, dressed in white bolero top and white cotton prayer pants, played a harp and sang with her three dogs accompanying (without singing). Each of us were clearly having distinct experiences. One writing busily in her journal, another sitting in half lotus, another wrapped in a blanket with his one hand on heart and the other on belly.

I experienced two waves of wooziness punctuated by a trip to the toilet. It was a tricky manoeuvre. It was more a feeling of being drunk than having a psychedelic experience for me. After about four hours, the fire in the middle was lit and Gee circled it, beating her drum and droning and intoning. Soon after, I asked her the most non-distracting way to leave the intimate circle for I wanted to join others to see my daughter’s aerial performance at Circulo in the city. So she called me a taxi and my ride through the crazy streets of Oaxaca was full of delight.

In the day that followed, I had clear recollections of the experience and clarity that it was not me seeing and knowing rather Universal seeing and knowing - seeing and knowing through me. This is what I wrote down in the taxi:

Surprise surprise
The ‘me’ that looks out through these eyes is not ‘me’ at all. Ha.

No seer and seen - only Seeing.
No knower and known - only Knowing.

I Am That (dare I say). As soon as the ‘me’ thinking about it kicks in it disappears. Stay with knowing. Leave the thinking alone." - Phil Shankland

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