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Gee works within the Quantum field; the Liminal outside of time and space. Zero Point. From here, it is possible to connect and to communicate fully with the clients Higher Self, and by doing so, to receive the important information and energetic frequencies (or CODES) for effective clearing and balancing of the clients etheric, emotional, mental and physical bodies.

Here are some of the outcomes that can be achieved through Alchemical Energy Healing as well as some of the more specific elements that can be targeted. Please note, services are carried out on a discretionary basis; if the service you require is not correct for you in the moment and not in alignment with what your Higher Self is guiding, it will not be possible to continue.

  • Soul Retrieval and Divine Blueprint Completion/ Soul Loss/ Retrieving Parts of self Inter dimensionally:

You will be returned to your full souls Blueprint. Any aspect of your soul that has been misplaced or lost throughout this life, any past lives, timelines or connections will be called back into wholeness. Equally any and all energies that do not belong with you will be sent back to where they have come from if that is also for the highest good of all beings involved; if that is not possible, then they will be returned to source for transmutation or where they may enter into waiting period until such time when it is possible for them to be integrated. 

  • Manifestation and intention setting/ Activating Abundance Consciousness:

This will help you to align to your souls purpose, higher calling, heart's desire and also to the desires of your being here in the physical. All of these are valid, but can sometimes be at odds with each other. This process aims to bring more harmony to your entire being and allows for more potency of manifestation. There will be a clarification and setting of intentions, followed by a powerful Manifestation Ritual.

  • Nervous System Balancing, Strengthening and Healing: 

Working on a cellular level to release trauma stored within the body and energy field. This is known to reverse and slow down the ageing effects, bring harmony and peace to the mind and increase intuition and mental capacity.



  • Upgrades and Activations​

DNA upgrades and activations; unlocking the energetic blueprints for divine capabilities, powers, gifts, healings, awakenings and ascension. Calling in and activating Light codes from your Higher Self or any Guides aligned with it.

  • De-Programming of the mind. 

Much of who we believe we are, is not who we truly are. Some of the biggest consciousness traps are the very aspects of our beings that we identify with the most. Imagine trying to explain to a fish what water is. It will be impossible for them to grasp the concept of water; to understand that their experience and perception of reality is entirely subjective and not the one truth of existence. ​

There have been and there continue to be many programmes that design to keep humanity trapped in this "wrong view" in Separation Consciousness. 

Some of the bigger collective programmes that can be removed are: De-colonisation, Patriarchal Wound healing, Healing Illusions of Separation, Healing illusions of Supremacy or Inferiority. As well as the endless amount of personal programmings: Lack of confidence, low self esteem, procrastination, addiction, to name a few. 

This is a powerful process that can help to free you from unconscious toxic programs and ancestral trauma.

The space and energy that is being occupied within your mind and being by simply maintaining and holding these programs can be energetically draining. The frequencies of them can also vibrationally attract you to situations, experiences and connections that are not in alignment with your higher self. This work is most effective alongside some conscious personal shadow work, but will have benefits to all regardless of where they are on their Awakening journey.


  • Energy Clearing

Entity and Parasite Clearing, Past life Clearing, Karmic Clearing, Chord Releasing and Cutting, Removal of curses, spells, psychic attacks including from ancestral lineage, past life and inter dimensionally.

  • Divine Gender Healing and Balancing:

Bringing into balance the divine Masculine and Divine Feminine from within; a key factor  if one is to effectively operate as an Energetic Alchemist.

  • Connecting to Intuition/ Guides/ Akashic Records/ Ancestors/ Nature Spirits:

 This service may not always be available for every client and there may also be information that comes through at other times outside of sessions.

  • Vocal Alchemy/ Light Language Activation/ Activating the Medicine Voice:

The voice is a powerful tool for healing, connection and channelling. It can be used to help alchemise energies and move through density. It can be used to heal every layer of our existence, to heal other beings and the Planet. These sessions will help you to connect to your voice in this way. Light Language is a channelled frequency that expresses itself uniquely through the Individual channelling. Sometimes it can be words in the native tongue, that can be understood and used to impart wisdom and teachings to the channel and to others. Sometimes the words don’t appear to make sense to us on an intellectual level. Sometimes it comes through as song and sounds. Sometimes it comes through in ancient languages, inter-dimensional languages, future dialects etc.

There are many expressions of these Light Codes. It has been referred to as "Speaking in tongues." It is when we allow our body to be a vessel for free flowing energy. Much like dancing or playing an instrument, but with words and sounds from our being. It is deeply healing and once fully activated within the practitioner, they can use it at anytime and also activate others.

  • Sacred Sexuality/ Womb Healing/ Healing Shame and sexual trauma from the individual and the collective/ Healing the Penis and Anus.

  • Couples Healing/ Intention setting/ Clearing/ Union/ Holding Container/ Witness Space:

If you are in a Divine Partnership, it is also possible for you to receive healings and sessions as a couple. To be held and witnessed through your process. To agree upon your intentions for the connection. To offer the connection to love and to the highest possible outcome for all. To clear past chords and energies. To open up clear and honest communication. To welcome in the divine and sacred element within your union and help to maintain that. Sacred Partnership is a powerful and fast ascension method; it is brave because it can be challenging. Shadows come to the surface quickly as deep wounds and trauma play out. It is also a beautiful way to practice love and to heal all that comes up through this practice. 

It is important that relationships are supported and remain healthy and that both parties express their needs in a healthy way. This space can offer that.

  • PTSD, Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, Shame, Fatigue, Loss of Will.

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Quantum Energy Healing


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