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Friday 18th February 2022

Grand Risings and Blessings 


Hello to the community from Ascension Medicine.


Blessings 🧡


I hope you are journeying well, and navigating these current energies best we all can. What a blessing it is to be here now, at this time.


This is a quick update and sharing.


Recently, I have been dropping deep into service, and finding balance within that.

It is something that brings great joy and purpose to my life, and I feel it is important to offer accessible healing tools and services for all.


Watch this space for another FREE Ceremonial Workshop, dropping soon. The theme of this one will be playfulness and fun; accessing and embodying archetypal energies through the Sacred Art of Play!!! It's a very powerful yet light practice of Shamanic Clowning that is effective for deep healing and frequency rising. I'm very excited for this, but it has recently been planted so I will need some time to be with the energies and receive guidance before sharing.


I’m looking forward to coming together again for full power manifestation; it feels pertinent right now and such a great way to harness current energies.


The Ceremonial Workshop for “Recognising, Navigating and Mitigating Psychic Attack” opens Tuesday 22/2/22 at 7pm GMT or 2pm UTC-5.


I am excited to share some heart guided techniques to work with this subject, and then to Ceremonially clear and heal ourselves and others!!! It is an honour to come together with the souls who resonate at this time to do this, because through the act of coming together in Ceremony, we magnify the healing for all.



To all those who felt a resonance and marked their interest in joining, thank you, there is still time to sign up, if you can’t make it on the day, but still feel called to join, please sign up anyway for the workshop material and access to the recorded session including the Ceremony an energy activation.

Due to the non-linear nature of the universe, even if you can’t make the live container, it is definitely possible for you to benefit from it at a time that is more convenient for yourself, and for you to even add to it’s potency retrospectively!

How magnificent is that?!!


Blessings everyone



Recognising, Navigating and Mitigating Psychic Attack:

Two Hour Ceremonial Workshop


Whether we are aware of it or not, we are constantly sending and receiving psychic attack through our thought forms and energies bodies. This Workshop will help bring more awareness around recognising when this has taken place or if you are currently afflicted by any kind of psychic attack. I have been developing revolutionary heart lead techniques to work with this and I am excited to share them and spread the medicine. Tickets operate on a 5-Tier Sliding Scale. Learn more and sign up here or below. I have attached the Youtube supporting video if you are interested to watch.


Learn More


I would also like to take this opportunity to share another upcoming offering with you all


Ceremonial Space Holding: Training and Activation


Ceremony is an important part of being a human, something that many cultures are losing their connection to, if not all but lost it.

Through the ceremonial experience, we can feel a sense of belonging and shared culture within our communities.


What a blessing it is to be able to Hold Space for people as they intentionally drop into their inner landscapes. Space Holding can be a highly rewarding role to step into.


These transformational spaces have the ability to bring about much growth and healing both within the space holder and the one being held.

It is a Sacred honour.


There are endless Containers that allow for these processes to take place, each can be uniquely different, they can include spaces where people can;


🔥 Connect to their own personal practices; whether that be somatic, movement, energetic, wellness, breath


🔥 Explore and learn new practices or deepen their current ones


🔥 Quieten their minds, as in meditation or mindfulness. Visualisations and relaxation.


🔥 Connect to the Sacred through Ceremony and Ritual.


🔥 Heal and Release.


If you are currently a space holder and feel as though you would like to expand further into this Art, or if you wish to start holding safe Sacred spaces, but feel you may need some support or guidance to get started, I have an offering that may help.


I am offering a Ceremonial Space Holder Training and Activation Programme that will guide you through the important stages and principles of holding a Ceremonial Space.


This is a 6 Week Course and Initiation into the Sacred Art of Space Holding.

Not only will you learn practical techniques and structures that can be drawn upon, modified and adapted to suit your own personal needs and the needs of the spaces you will be holding, but we will also be working on an energetic level.


Once a week, for 6 Weeks, we will meet for two hours in the Ceremonial Container that we co-create, held live online, where we will learn and practice together.

We will be working with Somatic and Shamanic practices. Using our Voices as Instruments for healing and release. Clearing and Releasing stagnant energies from our beings and deepening into own connection to self.


We will tap into the subtle energies and learn how to gently guide them, through the process of releasing control and leading from an authentic heart space.

This process will prepare you to receive the energies and codes needed for you to step fully into the role of Sacred Space Holder, and we will be calling them in; activating the deep wisdom within us all.


The Container opens 8th March 2022 7pm GMT or 2pm UTC-5

If you are feeling the call to join us.



Sliding Scale Pricing Applies to make this work accessible for all.



 The course will be held online and is mixture of live group sessions and at home practices, with the support of videos and written material. It is suitable for all and offers the following benefits:


🔥 Increased confidence and wisdom that is needed to step into the role of a space holder.


🔥 Learn to intuitively guide others in Ceremony and through Spiritual Journeys.


🔥 Be a better space holder for yourself and for those closest to you.


🔥 Understand further the importance of Ceremony and Ritual in your day to day life and possibly bring more of the Sacred into your experience.


🔥 Develop Clearer Energetic Boundaries and a deeper sensitivity around Energies and how to navigate them.


🔥 Read the energies of a group, to flow more harmoniously with them, and to be able to direct and guide them.


🔥 Gain confidence, take up space!


🔥 Unlock and Activate your Voice as a healing instrument


🔥 Work with a Ceremonial Structure that you can use as a template for your own creations.


🔥 Learn some key features of Ceremony.


🔥 Tap into your intentions and focus your attention on your next steps, if any as a space holder.


🔥 Bring clarity to what kind of spaces and ceremonies you wish to facilitate.


🔥 Have the opportunity to hold a ceremony live for our Ascension Medicine Patrons.


🔥 Be encouraged to lead from your heart


Tickets operate on a 5-Tier Sliding Scale. More information here or click below

More Info




Any questions, feedback or testimonials can be sent to,

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Ascension Medicine; dedicated to the accessible healing for all.



Many thanks for your time and I am looking forward to sharing space with you all again soon. 



Gee Francois,

Founder, Ascension Medicine

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