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Tue, 22 Feb


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Recognising, Navigating and Mitigating Psychic Attack

We are constantly experiencing the effects of psychic attack, both personally and collectively. Here we will learn to recognise its presence, loosen its potency and clear its effects.

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Recognising, Navigating and Mitigating Psychic Attack
Recognising, Navigating and Mitigating Psychic Attack

Time & Location

22 Feb 2022, 19:00 – 21:00 UTC

Online Container


About the Event

What is Psychic attack and how can it affect us?

In today’s culture, where most of us are connected in some way through technology and social media, a growing awareness is emerging around how these virtual interactions are impacting us. 

For the sensitive beings amongst us, social media burn-out is a very real and common occurrence. 

This can be due, in part to psychic attack. If you are actively sharing yourself in some way online, then you may be left wide open to harmful attacks through ill intent. People you have never met in the physical may be sending toxic and harmful energies and entities towards you in the form of thoughts; perhaps they are unaware of the impact that their thoughts can have. Because when thoughts are alchemised with emotions as potent as rage, jealousy, envy, judgement, and hatred, they can become entities, and these entities can literally destroy the lives of the victim through ill health, bad luck, anxiety, and other mental illness, as well as feelings of self-doubt and uncertainty.

The online community is not the only place where we can encounter psychic attack, but it is possibly one of the most common places, whilst simultaneously it is often overlooked since it’s not “real life”. Many people feel justifiably comfortable in speaking to others in ways they would never dare to in real life; in sending vitriol through the energetic airways.

This is harmful to them as well as those that it is aimed towards.

We also navigate psychic attack in our day to day lives. It is not always necessarily our enemies and known adversaries that are sending these energies towards us.

Sometimes, the people closest to us, our friends, and families, may be knowingly or unknowingly directing psychic attacks towards us.

Most of the time, depending upon the individual, the natural energetic auric defences will be easily able to deflect and neutralise these attacks, or at least minimise the full extent of the intention that was sent. This is because our own psychic defences have a learned immunity and resistance through past interactions. Much in the same way as a healthy bodily immune system is constantly able to defend against foreign bodies and illness. Once accustomed to that attack, or the foreign body, or the virus, the immune system can more quickly recognise and defend against it.

Young children are often very susceptible to colds, flus, and bugs, this is because their immune systems are growing and learning how to operate within the world; within the environments that they were born into. This is very similar to our natural auric defences, that is why it is important to protect defenceless children from such energies and allow them to grow, unhindered by the harmful and sometimes lasting effects of such attacks.

If we are physically strong and healthy, emotionally and mentally stable, and if we are connecting to our wellness practices regularly, then we give ourselves a better chance at deflecting these harmful energies, but even so, some attacks do still come through.

When we add into the cocktail, the current world climate of uncertainty, fear, and duality, where so many beings are experiencing extreme anxieties as well as other mental health challenges, we further reduce the capacity for our natural auric defences to keep us safe, both personally, and collectively. We are also susceptible to collective psychic attacks. These attacks are directed groups of individuals where differences of option are shared, or due to religious or spiritual beliefs, or a difference in culture, background and ethnicity, the list goes on.

We must accept that there is more to our experience than what we can touch, taste, hear, see, and smell. To deny this is to feed into the global gaslighting narratives that have stripped the majority of humanity from their connection to all that is, and from their personal power.

We need to accept that just because we have not physically done something negative or actually spoken aloud something harmful to or about another being, that this does not mean we may not be harming them in some way. Through this harming, we harm ourselves, this is the most important factor to grasp.

As we awaken to higher states of being, telepathy is strengthening within us all. Our powers are increasing, yet the mainstream consensus continues to deny the reality that we can affect reality and the experience of another through or thought . When we accept this, we can integrate it into our connections and interaction. We can bring greater awareness to ourselves, and with that, we can learn how to navigate this new territory.

The Offering:

I am offering a two hour Ceremonial Workshop where we will identify some of the symptoms of psychic attack and explore methods for protecting ourselves and others. 

We will then journey through in Ceremony and clear any attacks that have been or are currently being sent to us.


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