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Tue, 29 Mar


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Ceremonial Space Holding; Activation and Training

Dive deeper with this Six Week Online Course and Energetic Activation to assist you in holding Ceremonial Space.

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Ceremonial Space Holding; Activation and Training
Ceremonial Space Holding; Activation and Training

Time & Location

29 Mar 2022, 19:00 – 21:00

Online Container

About the Event


And thank you for feeling a resonance to be here today, and for taking the time to connect to this message.

That you are here, reading this, means you may have an interest in developing some skills and building your confidence in holding Ceremonies, or facilitation in general.

The Importance of Ceremony

Ceremony is an important part of being a human, something that many cultures are losing their connection to, if not all but lost it.

Through the ceremonial experience, we can feel a sense of belonging and shared culture within our communities.

They can be used to mark life transitions and as catalysts for them.

They allow us to be witnessed and held in our rawest states and to share our personal process with others, as we do the same for them.

Ceremonies can be conducted in a variety of ways. They can be individually tailored to support and align with any current belief systems that you may hold, as well as for the more atheist practitioners. They can be used to welcome celebration; marriages/weddings, birth, new life chapters, festivals etc.

They can be used to mark days of importance; religious or spiritual holidays, astrological events, seasonal changes such as the solstice, equinox, Imbolc, etc

They can be used in mourning death, such as funerals and memorials.

They can be used for healing and transformation, such as plant medicine ceremonies, shamanic, and spirit journeys.

The Offering

I am offering a 6 Week Programmethat will guide you through the important stages and principles of holding a Ceremonial Space. The course will be held online and is mixture of live group sessions and at home practices, with the support of videos and written material.

Some participants may not have the space nor the capacity to complete all the practices each week, that is ok, you will have life-long access to them, and can work through at your own pace.

It is recommended that you engage as best you can with the self-study aspect of this course for the greatest benefits and results, however, each live session can stand alone and there will be enough guidance throughout to help keep you feeling supported and as though you are still part of the course. 


We will meet once per week at 7pm GMT for two hours. In these live sessions we will connect in with each other and share the journey. We will also participate in Ceremony. These sessions will be available for you to watch on demand in case you miss the live event or if you wish to reconnect to them at any point.

We will Activate within us the energies and the confidence that we need to hold Ceremony ourselves.

You will be guided towards the style of Ceremony that resonates with you and fits with your belief systems, if any. That is the beauty of Ceremony; it works for all cultures and within the context of any belief systems. It can also operate well within an atheist context.

Who is this Course for?

Everyone and every level!

Whether you wish to hold ceremonies of any kind, or you already are, this course can support your journey, especially if you currently offer any of the following:

  • Ceremonies
  • Rituals
  • Meditations
  • Workshops
  • Courses
  • Classes

If you are not currently holding ceremonies, and do not you intent to start, but you are still interested in learning these skills for your own personal development and practice, then this course is also for you. It will be a fun and light way to connect with others in a powerful and authentic way, whilst also gaining some useful knowledge.

This course is suitable for those who are new to space holding, for seasoned space holders, or for anyone wishing to develop further as a space holder.

What this Course Offers

Through completing this course, you will:

🔥 Gain the confidence and wisdom that you need to step into the role of a space holder.

🔥 Be able to intuitively guide others in Ceremony and through Spiritual Journeys.

🔥 Be a better space holder for yourself and for those closest to you.

🔥 Understand further the importance of Ceremony and Ritual in your day to day life and possibly bring more of the Sacred into your experience.

🔥 Develop Clearer Energetic Boundaries and a deeper sensitivity around Energies and how to navigate them.

🔥 Read the energies of a group, to flow more harmoniously with them, and to be able to direct and guide them.

🔥 Gain confidence, take up space!

🔥 Unlock and Activate your Voice as a healing instrument

🔥 Work with a Ceremonial Structure that you can use as a template for your own creations.

🔥 Learn some key features of Ceremony.

🔥 Tap into your intentions and focus your attention on your next steps, if any as a space holder.

🔥 Bring clarity to what kind of spaces and ceremonies you wish to facilitate.

🔥 Have the opportunity to hold a ceremony live for our Ascension Medicine Patrons.

🔥 Be encouraged to lead from your heart

About the Course:

Throughout the weeks we will work with somatic practices, breathing techniques, vocal exercises, and visualisations. These will help us to:

· Drop into a more intuitive and embodied presence

· Release stress and stored trauma from our minds and bodies

· Clear unhelpful energies

· Quieten our minds

· Prepare our beings to hold space

· Relax into our group container and release inhibitions

The course will be structured as follows:

  • Week      1: Activation.

We will focus in on our intentions. As we open the space in a Ceremonial manner and hold it in that way as we will clear all unhelpful energies that may hinder our journey. We will invite in motivational energies and our purest intentions.

In the days leading up to the Week 1 Activation, I will invite you to watch a video and to complete some activities. These are optional but recommended.

  • Week      2: Sound

You will be guided and encouraged to connect with different sound generators and instruments that create the optimal frequencies beneficial in supporting our focussed intentions and desired effects for the space we are holding.

We will learn how to intuitively communicate through these sounds. We will clear energetic space through sound, and we will use sound to drop into a deep meditative state.

· Week 3: Opening and Closing of the Space

We will learn the importance of opening and closing the Ceremonial space and explore different ways to find what personally resonates with each of us.

· Week 4: Voice Activation

Our voices are possibly our most powerful Ceremonial instrument. We will activate and share our medicine voices, our light language, and work to clear any blockages from our purest and most authentic expression.

· Week 5: Holding the Space

We learn how to release control yet maintain a strongly held, safe energetic container for the spaces we hold. We delve deeper into our personal calling and unravel our souls’ desires as we enquire within, to discover the kind of ceremonies we may wish to hold one day.

· Week 6: Closing Manifestation Ceremony and Activation

Here we will begin the integration process for all that we have journeyed through together. Together in Ceremony we will focus our energies towards manifesting our goals and dream. We will return to our initial intentions to see if they have shifted at all. We will Activate within us the codes that will carry us to the next chapter of our journey.

About your Facilitator:

Gee lives life in a Ceremonial manner, bringing the sacred into every moment action

They are passionate about coming together with others in Ceremony and love nothing more.

They have been holding personal Ceremonies and Rituals since childhood and this has naturally developed into a facilitation role.

They hold space gently and lovingly, allowing for all beings to shine, and although the work they may do within the space is strong in nature, they bring lightness and play into the mix.

Read more about Gee here:


Tickets for this course operate on a 5-tier sliding scale to make them accessible for those with low incomes. Please purchase the ticket that you feel most honestly represents your current financial situation. This helps to create a fair energy exchange and helps to subsidise the lower income tickets. If you are feeling a strong call to join, but are having financial difficulties, it is possible to set up a payment plan.


“During attending Gees Ascension Medicine ceremonial workshops, I was in shock at her level of ability and skill to guide us into innerstanding and doing our work. She is nurturing whilst shifting through rigid deep wounds. I absolutely loved every session and was able to share things I'd never ever told anyone before.  I allowed myself to cry in front of many and felt safe to do so. She also checked in with me following as I'd uprooted so much which was so nurturing.  I have recommended her to so many people because she really is a blessing.  Gratitude for you as a being as well as a facilitator.”

“I’m so grateful to have been invited to share space with such powerful sisters, an evening Gee had especially created for us to be immersed in safety and freedom, to fully let go, release and take in the vibrations of the instruments of our voices and sound. Such a powerful and pleasurable experience. A lot of sharing and deep connection. I look forward to this again in the future. Thank you 💜”

“....just WOW! Something huge has opened in me through attending an activation with Gee. I had never heard of this kind of thing before but was open to the idea but now I do really believe we can unlock some wisdom inside of us. This is just the begining of a journey for me."

“I have attended many online courses and there is something special in the way Gee holds space. Something alchemical takes place in her ceremonies and I feel lucky to have experienced this. Thank you”

“I saw Gee on my news feed quite a bit and decided to join her. It was definitely worth it, though I didn’t know much about what was being offered, maybe there could have been more information for the event, but maybe that's just me. It was quite mysterious still I would join again. I felt comfortable to feel parts of myself that I would normally cover up. The whole group was super supportive and the container was held perfectly”


  • Abundant Income Participant

    This Ticket is recommended as a fair energy exchange for those with a higher than average income

    +£11.10 service fee
  • Standard Income Ticket

    This Ticket is recommended as a fair energy exchange for those with a standard income

    +£5.55 service fee
  • Lower Income Ticket

    This Ticket is recommended as a fair energy exchange for those with a below average income

    +£2.78 service fee
  • Low Income Ticket

    This Ticket is recommended as a fair energy exchange for those with a low income

    +£1.93 service fee
  • No income Ticket

    This Ticket is recommended as a fair energy exchange for those with a no income

    +£1.10 service fee



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