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Ceremonial Shamanic Workshops

What is a Ceremonial Shamanic Workshop?


The best way to answer this question is to start by describing what a Shamanic Ceremony is. 

Ceremony and ritual are used everyday both consciously and unconsciously. They are great vehicles for segment intention setting and can help to send signals to our minds that we are taking a conscious step towards changes and shifts within our lives. 

They can be used to mark life transitions and also as  catalysts for them.

They are a powerful community tool that give us a sense of shared culture and experience. A sense of belonging.

They allow us to be witnessed and held in our rawest states and to share our personal process with others, as well as to witness and hold others through the same.

A Shamanic Ceremony can often involve instruments such as hand drums, percussion and didgeridoos. These can help to create textures within the landscape that is needed to allow for the deep dropping out of the thinking mind and into the spirit realm; the liminal space between the worlds.

Other ways to invoke these altered states of mind include embodied movement, vocal toning, sounding, chanting, sacred practices and ritual, the use of symbolism, archetypal embodied channelling, guided visualisations and the calling upon higher consciousness beings; whether that is a plant or a nature spirit, ancestors, ascended spiritual masters, angles or guides. Whatever your religious beliefs are or whatever you currently practice, it is possible to work with ceremony within the context of your personal boundaries. 

Ceremonies have a clear structure;

  • An opening of the space and intention setting for the journey

  • The guided practice, that will often reach an energetic peak through which the largest shifts are often experienced.

  • A winding down and gentle landing back into this physical time-space.

  • The closing of the ceremony and the anchoring-in of the benefits. This marks the beginning of the integration process.

After the Ceremony, there will be a sharing of experience and a checking in all around.

These ceremonies can be deeply transformative and healing and is is important to integrate the experience properly for the greatest benefits.

When we add the element of a workshop into this already potent container; where we learn practical skills, techniques, practices and tools to draw upon throughout the ceremony itself, as well within our own person ceremonies and wellness practices, we bring a deeper sense of personal autonomy and engagement to the space. Each participant will be initiated into the safe working practices.

Our courses and workshops will involve regular Shared Ceremonial Spaces, Study Videos, Written Course Material and a one-to one check in.

To find out more about this work, or if you have any questions, please contact us. We will be happy to help and assist you in any way possible.

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