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Meet Gee Francois

Gee is a ceremonial space holder, an oracle and a spiritual teacher.


They work closely with sound, vibration and frequency, to weave this into their sacred containers on a Quantum level.

Gee is an initiate, a student, and a teacher in the Esoteric Arts and Shamanic Practices.

Their extensive training and experience, along with their intuitive abilities makes them a powerful vessel during this Ascension and Evolutionary process for Humanity. 

A light worker and shadow worker, in service to love; they help others to Activate and to embody their Higher Selves.

They are a Trauma Informed Somatic Practitioner, and will often guide powerful and deeply transformational movement, breath and vocal practices.

A Sacred Androgyne; they have the ability to balance and fully embody both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energies for their person healing, the collective healing and Planetary Ascension. This balance and integration allows for potent Alchemical Energy work.

Gee is a bridge for the genders, the human and non-human ethnicities, and for the generations. 

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